4 Factors to Consider When Deciding on the Right Home Water Filtration System

Those who plan to buy a water filter for their home are making a wise decision. Here, they will know more about the factors to take into consideration before investing in equipment such as this.

There are many, different reasons for requiring a water filter for a household. When a family member has a weak immune system, it is critical to buy a filter for the home so his/her health with not be compromised.

Different Types of Water Filters

Perhaps this is among of the most important factors they need to think about. Filters make use of different technologies wherein some are more efficient at removing contaminants than others. As an example, filters using reverse osmosis technology are effective at removing arsenic, fluoride and nitrates, among other contaminants.

There are faucet-mounted filters, countertop filters and pitcher filters to choose from. Each filter functions according to its name. The affordable faucet mounted filters are used in dispensing both filtered and unfiltered water. Pitcher style filters are dispensers that have an attached filter as well as a carbon filter that removes contaminants.

Observe the Contaminants in Water

Before choosing the most suitable and efficient filter for a household, homeowners should first inspect their water for any contaminants. If they know exactly what are in it, they can decide on how they will deal with water filtration. When using municipal water, they can ask the municipality about their water’s chemical makeup on a regular basis.

If a well is their source of water, this should be tested for bacteria and other microorganisms. There are water testing kits in the market that could help in evaluating the composition of well water. Once homeowners get the information regarding the contaminants and chemicals in their water, it will be easy to decide on the right type of water filter.

Know Personalized Water Goals

It is important to make personalized water goals once they get their water testing results. They should know their household water goals and ask themselves the following questions. Do they have to filter the water in and out of their house? Or do they just want to have filtered drinking water in their home? Depending on their goals, water can be filtered at the point of use or entry. Point-of-use systems are installed at a single tap where water is being used.

Point-of-entry water filtration systems are installed at the main line, where water enters the home initially to filter the water to be used in the whole house. This system is ideal for a home since people can get filtered water every time they open the faucet.

Maintain the Filter to Remain Efficient

After the filter is installed, this needs to be maintained so it will remain efficient for a long time. The water cartridge should be replaced on a regular basis. The water filter manufacturer will specify the time when it needs replacement.


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