What Fruit Tree Is Right For My Garden?

When it comes to buying fruit trees for your garden or allotment, there are a couple of point that you should bear on mind.

If you have never grown fruit trees before, it is best to take your time to do your research. Alternatively, you can ask a fruit tree specialist such as Chris Bowers and Sons. The team at the company are happy to answer customer queries be email or by phone. You will find that they have an exciting range of fruit trees for sale.

Should I Start With Just One Tree?

It would be fair to say that if you have never grown fruit trees before, starting with one fruit tree is the smart thing to do. Don’t worry, it does not have to be an apple tree. For some reason, apple trees are associated with high maintenance. It is not true as apples are easy to grow. As a matter of fact, they make great starter fruit trees.

Types Of Trees To Consider

However, if apples are not your sort of thing, there are other fruit trees that you should consider growing. One fruit tree that we have neglected for a long time is the humble cherry tree. It is a lovely tree to grow as it provides you with a beautiful offering a heavenly scented flowers in spring. In summer, you can enjoy delicious tasting fruits that are loved by all age groups. Would you like to know more about what fruit trees for sale are right for your garden? If so, all you have to do is to contact Chris Bowers and Sons for free, friendly advice.

Then you have plum trees. We mustn’t forget plums. It is another tree that flowers during the spring and is loved by pollinators. As we all know, the UK population of pollinators, including native varieties of bees, are on the decline. We can help to “boost” their living conditions by planting fruit trees in our gardens. Plum fruit trees are an excellent example.

Both cherries and plums are packed with vital antioxidants that can help us to boost our health. By planting plums or cherries, you are not only helping native pollinators, you are also improving your own health. Plums and cherries are easy to use when it comes to home produce. It is not going to be long before you find yourself inspired to produce tasty recipes for your friends and family.

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