Tips on Replacing the Septic Distribution Box

You are on this page because you may have a septic distribution box in your home. Maybe you never check it because you are confident enough that it is working fine. Or you are reading this article because you have seen the water seeping into your house. Unfortunately, septic systems often have these problems. Let’s know more about these systems.

Inspect the System

If you want to keep your distribution system working properly, make sure you get it checked on a regular basis. This will extend the life of the distribution box and you won’t have to replace it very often. Ideally, It’s a good idea to check the system thoroughly every 6 months.

How do They Work

Well, the distribution box is one of the most important parts of the septic systems nowadays. It is located between the septic tank and the drain field. They work by channeling the excess water into the drain through the pipe networks. So, your toilets will work properly.

Problematic Distribution boxes

The box should work properly if installed the right way. However, if it becomes clogged, you should get it replaced right away so that the rest of the system doesn’t break down. When installing the box, make sure you choose the original ground only. Don’t go for any raised spot or loose soil for positioning the system on. Doing so will cause problems in the future.

If you put it on top of some raised spot, you will have problems down the road. The box may not bear the load of the wastewater and get down into the soil. As a result, the water flow may get disturbed and you may have to replace the system. If you have to position it on some raised spot, make sure you put gravel under the box. Using the loose soil is not a good idea.

Signs That You Need To Take Action

You need to consider a few basic septic maintenance tips if you want to keep it working properly. First of all, make sure the tank is not full of solid matters. Ideally, only water should pass through the box. How can you know if the tank is full of some solid matter? Well, if you can smell a bad odor coming from the box or the water doesn’t seem to flow as smoothly as it used to, know that there is a problem.

Get The Distribution Box Checked

If you can experience the signs mentioned above, it’s time to have your septic box replaced or leveled. When installing the new box, make sure you can see the water flowing through it. If it is positioned on the right level, the water will flow through it without any problem.

Lastly, make sure you hire only the trained professionals to replace the distribution box. Doing the installation on your own may be a daunting task for you. Therefore, we highly recommend that you hire a professional plumber. Hopefully, these tips will help you locate the problem and replace your distribution box without any problem.


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