Is a Walk-In Shower in Your Future?

If a man could simply drop his shorts and walk in to a shower, would he be inclined to take one more often? Perhaps he would if he could see something tantalizing waiting for him on the other side. And what about a woman? Could a glass enclosed, high-tech shower help wash away the stresses of her day? Could it perhaps even make her a bit more risqué?

These are compelling questions and one way to find out the answers is to install a walk-in shower and see what happens. Walk-in showers are THE latest trend in bathroom decorating. They’re sleek, contemporary, and practically maintenance-free and right now they’re more affordable than ever.

When it comes to the bathroom, too many people take this room for granted. As long as the bathroom is functional and houses the essentials, most won’t give this part of the home much thought. And that’s a mistake. Go take a look at your bathroom. Are you happy with what you see? Is it soothing and relaxing? If its appearance is somewhat sterile or worse, if it’s seriously outdated, it’s time to turn your attention in that direction. It’s time you give that room a makeover.

Need even more reasons to take the plunge, so to speak? Here are not one but six compelling reasons why Brits are falling in love with the walk-in shower.

Walk-in showers lend an air of luxury to the morning routine.

And luxury is what today’s bathroom is all about. No longer is the bath being thought of as simply the place to take care of routine, mundane business. It’s now THE place to go for pampering. With a walk-in shower as the centerpiece of the bath, it’ll be easier than ever to find coordinating fixtures no matter what your decorating style. You can accessorise to your heart’s content with stainless steel, brushed nickel, silver or chrome taps, wall-mounted mirrors, luxuriously absorbent towels, aromatherapy candles and more. You’re in total charge of creating the type of escape you long for; one that’s functional but best of all, one that’s reminiscent of the 5-star accommodations at your favorite holiday hide-away.

Walk-in showers allow room for showering with a mate.

Take a moment to let your mind wander here and just imagine the possibilities. Go ahead, be adventurous. What a great way to break out of the bedroom rut and add a bit of excitement to your life! And if those kinds of thoughts are too much for your innocent mind, just think about the water you’ll conserve when showering together. You’ll be doing your part for the environment while at the same time you can be setting the stage for lots of exciting things to come.

Walk-in showers raise the resale value of your home.

When it comes to a home’s value, you’ll almost always get the maximum return on your investment when you update the kitchen and the bathroom. A frameless, clear-glass walk-in shower will instantly update the look of any bathroom, no matter how old. Walk-in showers create a more spacious environment, which is a terrific benefit especially when space is already limited. This popular look is trendy yet timeless meaning you won’t have to worry about the money you invest – the walk-in shower you install today will look good even 10 years from now!

Walk-in showers are easier to clean.

You won’t have to spend another moment inhaling harsh chemicals while laboriously attempting to remove built-up mold and mildew from shower curtains and doors. Simply wipe down the glass when you’re finished and you’re done. You’re busy enough already so anything that helps cut cleaning time is a blessing. You’ll likely be even more inclined to keep the walk-in shower area clean so that you’re assured a crystal-clear view of what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Walk-in showers are easier for the old and young to use.

When you install a wet floor shower, you won’t have to step over any raised edges to get inside which greatly increases mobility. The safety aspect alone is the deciding factor for many. The addition of a seat and a flexible hose with hand-held showerhead means that showering will no longer be an unbearable task. Children love walk-in showers, too. And guess what? The more they enjoy taking a shower, the more inclined they’ll be to do it!

Walk-in showers are easy to retrofit into an existing bath area.

Installation is possible (and not that difficult) even on out of true walls. Walk-in showers can be installed in any recessed area or in any corner. With easy-to-follow instructions included with every walk-in shower, do-it-yourselfers can handle most installations without hiring a contractor. You likely won’t need to hire a plumber, either!

So there you have it – several reasons why you should consider installing a walk-in shower. You’ll benefit, your home will benefit and quite possibly, your love life might benefit, too!


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