Redesigning Your Bathroom — Traditional vs Contemporary

There are three most popular styles when it comes to redesigning your bathroom – country, contemporary, and traditional – all can be expressed through a bathroom’s colours, fixtures and fine details.

However, when choosing a style you must be sure that you are comfortable with the chosen decoration and that it corresponds with your overall perception of your house. Ultimately a bathroom choice is focused around the size of the room and budget.

A large spacious bathroom lends its self well to a traditional style, using a classic roll top bath and making it a focal point in the bathroom, then by adding a luxury bath shower mixer completes the vintage feel. A slipper Victorian bath teemed with gold period-style taps and gold claw feet, complete a traditional look and is especially appropriate for a Victorian house.

Smaller bathrooms benefit from simple solutions that can make all the difference, wall hung bathroom furniture is classically contemporary in design with its minimalist clean cut lines and creates the feeling of space. Corner baths are becoming more popular in smaller bathrooms, as they come in a variety of different sizes they create a feeling of space and still offer a contemporary look.

The challenge of modern bathrooms is to create a simple and pared down space without making it look cold and sterile. The edgy sleek look of modern boutique – style hotel bathrooms can be achieved using sleek clean lines and contemporary fittings. A double ended, free-standing bath makes a statement and there’s plenty of room for sharing. Teemed with a beech plinth it creates a modern contemporary feel with luxury in mind.

Of course a mix of older – style elements such a roll top bath with up-to-date features such as a wall mounted basin, create a beautifully unique bathroom, specific to the individual taste and desire. Thus offering a mix of the traditional and the contemporary, combining both elements and creating a bathroom with style but also functionality for today’s needs. Contemporary fittings create a fuss-free contemporary look, traditional fittings create a feeling of grandeur and provide a hint of opulence. Adding period-style fittings to a modern scheme will inject more personality

New fixtures, new tub, and sleek countertops–your new bathroom will have them all, whether traditional or contemporary choose products that balance beauty with brains and tailor your preferences by choosing items that work for you and your bathroom needs.


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