Safer Bathrooms For Your Children

Our children often struggle when entering the bathroom. Everything is just out of their reach. The toilet is to high, they can’t reach the taps in the basin or get in or out of the bath or shower etc. etc. Here are a few tips and advice to consider that make bath time safe and fun:

· Installing a wall hung toilet and basin several inches lower than you would for an adult.

· Put a stool near the bath so they can climb in and out easier. Make sure there is a slip mat in the bath and never leave children unattended whilst bathing.

· Give children a drawer or cabinet for the storage of their own towels and toys so that it can be left unlocked for them to play with at bath time. This also discourages them from accessing your cabinet that could contain medicines etc.

· Use small plastic bottles of shampoo so children can learn how to handle and pour their own shampoo with your supervision. Kids’ soaps and shampoos are less likely to sting eyes and come in fun shapes and scents.

· Bathroom floor materials can become slippery when wet. Smooth tile or granite may look great and be easy to upkeep, but it can be dangerous under little feet. Choose a safer alternative like vinyl or textured tiles.

· Avoiding accidents with hot water heating systems by not exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Check water heaters to retrofit an anti-scald device. For added safety, install taps with safety stops that allow for adjusting settings and restrict the flow of hot water.

· It is known fact that children can drown in less than one inch of water. Toilet seat lids can easily be locked with a plastic latch. Lids will lock automatically when shut and open with a swing lever.

· Single and double door cabinets that house medicines, razor blades etc. are a danger to children of all ages. These, if in reach of children should be locked at all times.

· Keep dangling cords from showers and heaters well away from a child’s reach. Secure the cord at a height where it cannot be reached.


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