Shower Faucets

The market is flooded with an unlimited range of choices for shower faucets, from polished chrome, antiques and brass, to polished and stained nickel and gold, acrylic, brass, stainless steel, copper, and mix-and-match combinations. While individual preference and taste plays a major role, quality must not be compromised for cost. PVD shower faucets are popular for their scald-guarding and temperature-regulation properties. Gerber faucets have also found increasing popularity, for their ability to fight water’s corrosive properties. Durability and deliverance should be as essential as the aesthetic appeal of a shower faucet.

Shower faucets, in contrast to kitchen faucets, are often chosen on the basis of their aesthetic appeal rather than functionality. While style and appearance is important, the functional utility and practicality should not be neglected. A shower experience provides a reclusive haven, and a heavenly solitude in a relaxed and stylish environment. Hence, appearance and practicality both matter. A shower faucet must complement and enhance the bathroom’s look. Care must be taken to see that the shower faucets fit the lavatory, address the requirements of the unit and meet your performance expectations. A 4″ center lavatory faucet looks appealing, but is difficult to clean in comparison to an 8″ center lavatory faucet. Most modern faucets are washerless ones, as the washers which used to control the flow of water have never been durable.

It is advisable to purchase your shower faucet, bathtub and other bathroom fixtures from the same place, to ensure that they can be installed and fitted properly. It is always advisable to seek the opinion of an expert plumber or designer when purchasing shower faucets. Other things to be kept in mind are the type of finish, style and design desired, requirements of the lavatory, cost, type of handle, effect desired, and the feasibility and opportunity to bring out those effects. Accordion-folding shower doors are another efficient and inexpensive modern choice. They can be fixed and are easily replaceable, durable, safer than glass, easy to maintain, aesthetically appealing and available worldwide.


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