Tips on Finding a Quality Home Inspector

When buying a home, home inspection is a very important step in the home buying process. It is like the home is getting a check-up by a doctor. If anything wrong is found, you can provide the medicine in the form of repairs. If you are unable to have the repairs performed, you simply lower […]

Home Inspection Basics

If you are in the verge of having another investment, say in the form of properties, you might be planning to buy a new house, or a vacation home. Well, normally, in any circumstances, we don’t just dive and but the house we want by impulse. Of course the house should be desirable for us […]

Common Problems Found During a Home Inspection

What are some of the common problems that a home inspection has uncovered to the surprise of unsuspecting buyers? There are many that can affect the habitability of a home, not to mention the safety. The inspection, even if it is not required should be performed anyway. This is the only way you are going […]

Home Inspections Prevent Roofing Surprises

An inspection of the roof is part of a whole house inspection. Sometimes home buyers will decide to not get the home inspected in an attempt to save a few dollars. When home buyers skip home inspections they are opening themselves up for surprises in regards to the condition of the roof. The roof of […]

Home Safety the Primary Duty of Home Inspectors

Tragic news was reported today in California, of two year old twin girls drowning in their families pool. This shocking news is a reminder to home inspectors that the primary duty to our clients is home safety. Drowning is primarily of young children and accounts for 800 in home deaths in the U.S. each year. […]

Your Home Inspection Checklist – Plumbing

Here’s a checklist that you can use to do your own pre-inspection on your plumbing. There’s no reason not to check your house out yourself before you hire a certified home inspector. This way you can compare notes and ask questions. He will give you a thorough report on the home’s condition. Between what you […]