Pest Control Research Scarier Than Science Fiction

Recent scientific studies in the world of entomology are straight out of bad science fiction movies. Science is now playing Destroyer and Creator all in the name of ‘progress’. Although the goal of controlling pests is admirable, the ends do not justify the means. Green Living, this is not. Much of the research centers around […]

Mosquito Repellent – Natural Ways To Repel Mosquitoes

Everything about warm weather is awesome, except for bug bites. The most annoying of them all are mosquito bites. They sneak attack, you can’t even feel them land but they leave their evidence, an annoying itchy bump. Too many mosquito bites can lead to an allergic reaction. Traveling to the Caribbean and center regions of […]

Mosquitoes and Pets: Mosquito Pet Protection Basics

Mosquitoes and pets tend not to get along together. It is important that you take steps to protect you pets from mosquitoes this coming spring. That protection begins now because your cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets are just as susceptible to disease from mosquito bites as you are. Mosquitoes bite to extract your blood […]

Head Lice Infestations Caused by Smart Phones

Latest headlines: “Head Lice infestations are a growing problem in children who own Smart Phones.” Yes, the latest “cause” of these annoying infestations is being blamed on cell phone technology. Children with Smart Phones are experiencing increased infestations and the news out of Great Britain is alarming. Smart Phones and head lice – what is […]

Live Fox Trap Method

Purchase a live trap and set it up where you have seen the fox and expect it to be again. The large majority of foxes will come right to one of the standard ‘box type’ live traps. This type of trap is usually long and rectangular and has trap doors at one end or the […]

6 Ways to Get Rid of Household Bugs

Is your house infested with lots of tiny bugs? Maybe your indoor plants also have a couple of white bugs. They can cause problems for you, especially during the colder season of the year. As a matter of fact, what happens is that the bugs may take refuge in your house in order to survive. […]

Natural Pest Control Methods

Pests can be a real issue, and you might have to call in the professional pests control services. This can get quite expensive, while this is definitely not always necessary. While it might be better to call the professionals when the insects have invaded your entire house you can use natural methods when they’re still […]