Top 10 Causes for Roof Leaks

When your roof is leaking, it is not a good feeling. As a proud homeowner, you care about the structural integrity of your home and cringe at the thought of a major repair. Fortunately, a leaky roof is not always a disaster. Sometimes, they are a simple fix. By hiring professional roofing services, you can […]

What Do You Oil Wood Gutters With?

Wood gutters have to be oiled regularly, or they can dry out and crack. They can also get saturated with water and rot. I don’t think I have ever seen wood gutters on a house without at least some rot! So, what are you supposed to coat your gutters with? Here are your choices with […]

New Roof Installation Warranty

Most new roofs come with a warranty, but exactly what is covered can vary significantly from one warranty to another. Reading your roofing warranty is hardly exciting, but you probably want to work your way through it before hiring your contractor. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the finer points of roofing warranties so […]

What to Consider Before Replacing Your Roof

If you are a homeowner who is facing an urgent issue with your roof, you may be tempted to contact a roofing contractor right away, with the idea that any delay is wasted time. However, unless you are facing a leak or some other type of damage to the weatherized seal of your roof during […]

Which Type of Soffit Is Best to Use?

For many buildings, soffit plays a hugely important functional and aesthetic role. Used to connect the roof overhang and the side of a property, it protects the rafter beams making up the structure of the roof from the elements and limits the amount of damp entering the building. Soffit also fulfils an aesthetic purpose too, […]

Different Types Of Roofing Services

Roofing is an essential part of any housing. If the roofing is done improperly then there is a good chance of leakage or any other damage to the house. Hence, seeking a professional’s help is always advisable. Whether you have a new office, a house or any building and are in need of professional help […]

Expanding the Life of Your Roof

On average, a new roof can cost as much as eight thousand dollars so it is important that you take care of your roof to prolong the life of the roof. One way to accomplish this is to do periodic roof cleaning. Having a roof that looks, splotchy and streaky is not normal. Bacteria known […]