Keep Your Rugs Looking Amazing

Find a company with the right knowledge to take care of it for you. They should be skilled regarding the various types of materials and how to clean them. Ask plenty of questions before you hire someone for rug cleaning. Let them know about the rugs you have and what they are made out of. If you have a hand woven item, it is very valuable.

What can they Offer

Verify the expertise offered by the company. You don’t want to have regrets later on that something wasn’t handled for you the way it should have been. Instead, you need to feel great that your rugs are going to be well cared for. Check to see if there are complaints too from other customers. If there are plenty of them, stay away from that provider.

The last thing you want is for it to fall into the wrong hands and become damaged or ruined. Ask about the specific procedures they will use for your items. They should have the advanced features they can offer you from their rug cleaning location. You will need to drop off the items and then they can let you know when they are ready to pick up.

Time frame

It shouldn’t take more than few days for the work to be done. It depends on the rug cleaning and what they offer. Some are very small operations and others have more staff available. It depends on the quantity of work they have ahead of yours to complete. During the holidays, this is a common time for rug cleaning so they will be busier.

If you have delicate items or they are stained, they may require extra time. They can give you a good idea though of how long it is going to take. Most of them will get the work done within a few days so you can have them back at home and in place.

Sometimes, the rug cleaning will have to complete the work by hand. They don’t trust tools or chemicals on certain types of fabrics or materials. They may need to charge you for the extra time involved. Always get a quote with the price, the time frame, and other details before you give them the go ahead to do the cleaning.

Regular Cleanings

Get into the habit of taking your rugs in every three or four months. Once you find a rug cleaning you trust, it is easier to do so. Regular cleanings will help them to look great, remove germs, and help them to last much longer. It isn’t a huge expense to get this type of service done. It should be something you keep track of so you can get it done at regular intervals.

Regular cleanings will prevent your rugs from being an eyesore. If you get something on them such as a spill or mud, take them in to be cleaned right away. If that doesn’t happen, take them in at least every four months to help get rid of what you can’t see. You won’t believe what can be lingering in those fibers that you can’t see with the naked eye.


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