What Are The Benefits of a Central Vacuum System?

You won’t have to listen to the usual moans from family members that they can’t hear the television or talk on their phone when you vacuum as a central vacuum system is incredibly quiet. The unit is located in the garage or utility area away from the main living area and operated by a switch on the handle. No longer will you hear complaints from your family when you vacuum.

Do you or any of your family members suffer from allergies? Would you believe the average house collects 40 pounds of dust per year. With a central vacuum system you will have a 60% reduction of airborne dust and pollen. This super system is five times more powerful than a conventional portable vacuum. All in all your vacuuming time is reduced which certainly is a major benefit.

The true joy of the system is in the lightweight hose which you easily insert into an inlet point. No longer will you have to trail around the house a cumbersome conventional model. No more balancing act trying to vacuum the stairs. You also will not have to struggle to get to all those hard to reach places as a central vacuum system comes with a range of accessories.

If you are a pet owner you may wonder how effective your vacuum really is. Pet hair can be difficult to remove, the average portable vacuum may struggle to lift it from carpets and rugs. A central vacuum system has a range of accessories for pet hair alone. You will no longer have to worry if Fido makes his home on your new rug.

You will also no longer have to worry about the kids leaving the interior of your car filthy. A central vacuum’s accessories range includes a number of attachments to help remove any stubborn marks in your vehicle and get into the narrow crevices usually to difficult to reach.

Want to no longer fork out for a new vacuum every few years? No problem. A central vacuum system will genuinely be the last vacuum you will every buy. The system is incredibly durable and comes with a five year warranty. They will save you money over time and are an investment for your home. Don’t expect to have any maintenance for at least ten years.

Sach Central Vacuums are designed in Spain. They are the most technically advanced vacuum systems available.


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