Modular Storm Shelter

If you are looking to upgrade your storm shelter, you may want to consider getting a modular building. Modular buildings can be put underground, and can make a safe and secure storage building.

Choosing the Right Building

To get the right building there are several things that you will need to take into consideration.

• How many people will there be in the storm shelter? This will help you to determine the amount of area you will need to have in your building.

• How much space do you have? Determine how much land you will have to set your modular building in. Take into consideration any kind of drainage you will have to run and any utilities.

• What price are you willing to spend? Modular building can vary on price. It will depend on the size, company, and whether or not you will be building yourself.

• Do you need utilities and plumbing? Some people choose to put plumbing and/or electricity in. You will need to choose which is your preference and what will be viable to you.

• What will your city/state allow? Each city and state will have a different regulation. You will need to call and figure out what you will need to have. If you have a HOA you may need to contact them to see if there are any regulations.

Installing your Storm Shelter

There will be many different designs to choose from so make sure you choose the one that will work well. Next you will need to prep the land you will be using. If the land needs to be cleared you can hire someone to do the clearing or do the clearing yourself. If there is a lot of overgrowth consider getting some goats, or rent some goats to do this for you.

Once you have your lot cleared, you will need to rent some equipment to dig for your modular storm shelter or hire someone to dig it for you. Make sure that there is ample room for the home and any extras. Once the area is dug, you will need to put down a base like gravel and cement. You will then need to follow the directions from the modular building. Ensure that you follow all the steps and directions given to you by the company. Once your storm shelter is secured you will want to recover it with dirt and put an access door in.

A modular building can be a great way to secure a storm shelter. These can be safer and easier to put in, than other shelters.