Standard Handyman Tools Checklist

Screw Drivers

A screw driver is used to screw in screws and is a hand held tool.There are two standard types of screw drivers known as the flat screw driver and the philips which is cross shaped. Quality screw drivers have tempered tips making it hard and durable.

Sifting Spanner

An adjustable spanner used for tightening nuts and bolts.


There are a variety of hammers used for various tasks. The most commonly used and versatile is known as the claw hammer. The claw hammer is used to hammer in nails as well as to remove nails with the claw side of the hammer.

Club Hammer

This is a heavy hammer used mostly in combination with a cold chisel to break up masonry or concrete works.

Tape measure

A tape measure is a measuring tape which rolls up into a handheld measuring device. The most commonly used tape measure is five metres in length.

Lineman’s Pliers

The most common pliers in a handyman’s toolbox. It used for gripping small objects and cutting wire.

Spirit Level

A device which is used to indicate weather an object is level to the ground or if it is vertical. It is commonly used to gauge whether shelves, worktops or paintings are level.

Rip saw

A hand held tool designed to cut wood.

Wood Chisels

These tools are used for carving out wood.

Wire brush

Tough dirt and rust are best removed with the aid of a wire brush.

Plumbers Plunger

This is a rubberised tool used to unblock drains and toilets by creating a vacuum suction.

Paint knife

A versatile tool used for scraping back old paint off surfaces and applying fillers to holes in walls and wood.

Paint Brushes

Primary use is to apply paint to surfaces. There are various widths of paint brushes available and the most commonly used is 50mm.

Cutting Knife

This cutting tool is used to cut plastic, cardboard and wood etc.

Electri Drill

This power tool is used for boring holes into masonry, wood or steel. It requires different types of drill bits depending on what material you are drilling into.

Electric Jig Saw

This tool is used to cut curves along wood. It has a narrow blade which enables the operator to make curved cuts.

Angle Grinder

A machine designed to cut into masonry and steel. This tool is commonly used to chase pipes into walls.