Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, native to Southern Europe, especially Portugal, where the bark is collected by hand. Cork is a very durable, resistant-to-moisture, and anti-static flooring material. Cork flooring is environmentally sound and, as a result of stringent harvesting rules, a renewable resource of a very high order.

For the kind of foot traffic that a home or office floor will have to endure, cork flooring is very resilient. It is also comfortable to walk on, and its soft surface is able to take the impact of footfalls. Cork flooring is well known for retaining heat and cold, which makes it a very practical flooring solution. Another reason why cork flooring is gaining popularity is because it is keeps the sound from walking to a minimum.

Cork flooring is a one-of-a-kind ornamental material because each tile comes with its own unique speckles and spirals. Cork flooring is first formed into sheets and then baked. This process creates understated variations in color, making room for creativity while laying the floor.

Cork flooring is considered ideal for quiet interiors because it emits no sound from footfalls. When complete insulation from sound is an absolute necessity, like in a sound-studio for example, then cork flooring is ideal. Flooring made from cork is aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, and helps in creating an atmosphere of serenity. It is also water resistant, and that makes it ideal for use in the bathroom and kitchen.

The cellular nature of cork is such that it has millions of fourteen-sided cells that keep the heat in, create a cushion-like surface that is easy on the feet and the ears, and, perhaps most importantly, is durable. Moreover, due to these qualities, when a plate is dropped on it, it will not break, but simply bounce, making no noise in the process.

While soundless flooring is gaining in popularity, creating the perfectly noiseless flooring solution is not easy. Cork is the closest that one can come to noiseless flooring because it keeps the echo from footfalls and the sound of dropped objects to a minimum.


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