Are Heat Recovery Systems Worth It?

There is no doubt that if you are building a new house a heat recovery system can offer substantial savings on your heating bills.

A heat recovery system is an energy efficient, controlled and balanced ventilation system which extracts the moist, stale air from all the wet rooms in your house and replaces it with filtered, fresh air to all your habitable rooms and bedrooms without letting the heat escape.

As the heat is reconstituted your boiler has less work to do. Why spend thousands of pounds trying to improve energy efficiency by insulating and improving the air tightness of your home just to have the heat escape through extractor fans and window trickle vents. A heat recovery system can recover up to 90% of the normally wasted heat and reduce your heating requirements by up to 25%.

All heat recovery units use the highest quality Counterflow Heat Exchangers to recover the best possible heat and energy efficiency. Unlike rotary wheel heat exchangers does not allow the airstreams to mix and will not increase the humidity levels (moisture) in your home.

The saving on energy bills is not the only benefit. Over the last decade there has been increasing demand on builders, Architects and Government legislation to increase the thermal efficiency of our homes making them drought free and well insulated. Well insulated houses in turn cause poorer air quality. Problems like condensation, mould, dust mites, unpleasant smells can build up in your home creating toxic gases. This can significantly increase the effects of asthma and other respiratory issues. A heat recovery system provides fresh, filtered, healthy air to your home, allowing your property to stay airtight creating a healthier and quieter environment.

For health reasons Government legislation now makes it almost compulsory for your new air tight home to have a balanced mechanical ventilation system and a heat recovery ventilation system is the most preferred option.

Of course factors like the air tightness of your property must come into the equation but generally speaking a domestic heat exchanger of 70% efficiency would save approximately 25% of a property’s gas bill.

I should also mention that the cost to run these systems is around 10p per day.

When considering a heat recovery system it would be wise to discuss your project with a professional and perhaps consider getting a design done before you commence. You will want to ensure the system meets with all building control requirements.