Improve Your Indoor Air Quality and Breathe Easier

If you live in a big city then it is more than likely that you might be constantly surrounded by pollution. Two major contributors of this pollution, dust and smoke have become our constant companions and surround us no matter what part of the city we find ourselves in. But would you believe that the air inside your house or work of place might be even worse than the air from the outside environment? Sounds impossible, right?

Artificially controlled heating and cooling systems are preferred a lot more than natural air. The air filtering through the vents of these systems can sometimes be of a questionable quality. Without proper maintenance of the systems, the air might induce ENT allergies in most cases, but in rare instance, it might prove to be extremely dangerous. Therefore, to avoid all this and to improve the quality of indoor air, you must take certain very important steps.

· Reduce Moisture

Moisture is a huge contributor to the production of mold and mildew. Mold and mildew lead to the Mold Sickness, which in its initial stage can result in respiratory and skin related medical conditions and in its advanced stage can prove to be deadly. Bathrooms and closed off areas, such as the basement, are especially susceptible to mold and mildew growth. Proper humidity control can help you reduce moisture immediately, thus saving you from mold and mildew related medical afflictions in the future.

· Control of Ventilation

Most commercial establishments, especially office building are completely closed off to control the temperature better. While this is an effective method of controlling and reducing energy consumption, it might lead to other problems because the quality of air circulating within the building can be severely affected. Establishing a proper ventilation system will take care of this problem and ensure that the air that circulates inside the building is fresh.

· Cold Plasma Air Purification

Cold Plasma used in most labs because they can effectively kill air borne germs and pollutants. The same procedure can be used for other establishments as well. The Cold Plasma units are placed in the air filtering system where they will destroy all pollutants before they enter the establishment. This will ensure that the air remains entirely clean.

· Regular Maintenance

Whether it’s the air conditioning system, the heating system, the vents, or the ducts that regulate the transference of hot and cold air, you must make sure that everything goes through a maintenance check at least two or three times a year. Make sure that the vents and ducts are properly and regularly maintained for disruptions and air filters are replaced at the very least once a month.

How clean the air is, directly affects the way you live. With clean air, you will get to accomplish your daily goals with ease. With polluted air however, you are more than likely to suffer from medical afflictions on a regular basis. To avoid all this, contact an HVAC contractor to tell you if the air quality of your establishment is up to the regulated standards or whether it could stand to be improved.


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