Why It Helps To Have Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

For homes that have never had ducted systems, ductless cooling and heating appliances come as a fantastic boon. For any home, it’s wonderful to have a ductless mini-split air conditioner due to their silent performance and high energy efficiency.

Advantages of ductless mini split air conditioner: You might have heard of ductless heating and cooling systems or ceiling suspended ductless systems and probably seen these devices on walls of homes, offices and restaurants. But read on to know more about these systems:

Flexibility of small size: These systems have been specially designed to fit into compact spaces that can neither be cooled nor heated well enough. This small size works to the advantage of users because these systems offer flexibility of heating or cooling individual rooms. Depending on the model of air conditioning system used, there are usually a few air handling units for each room. All these units are linked to one outdoor unit. The number of units depend on the amount of cooling needed for a particular zone or building. These systems are known by various names, such as split systems, ductless cooling, split-ductless systems, etc.

Easy to install: Traditional, ducted air conditioners could take a few weeks to install and get in the way of your daily activities at home or office. These ductless conditioners, on the other hand, are easy to install are easier to install and depending on the number of indoor or outdoor units you need, they can be ready to start working in a day.

No wastage of energy: If central-forced air systems cause you to lose energy, the same is saved with using ductless mini split air conditioners. About 30% electricity consumption is attributed to duct losses, particularly when ducts are set up in attics or such unconditioned parts of homes or offices.

For the reason of energy saving and therefore cost savings, people have moved over to ductless cooling and heating. Inefficient systems lead to hefty bills but since ductless systems use less power, you don’t spend as much on energy bills. Apart from saving money on electricity bills, homeowners are also due to get tax credits or rebates on utilities bills for the year in which they install a ductless system.

Another way by which ductless systems are energy efficient is that they help owners create zones at home. This means that owners now do not have to heat or cool their rooms that are vacant, resulting in a highly efficient system.

Improves the air quality indoors: When the quality of the air indoors is lower than that outdoors, it is good to have air ducts. However, these air ducts should be cleaned regularly, despite which they still have allergens and dust remaining. By installing ductless systems with several stages of filtration, the amount of bacteria, dust, allergens, pollen and other air particulates can be drastically reduced.

Enhances home safety: Ductless systems offer greater safety to homes as they are fitted with just one hole in the wall, as against air conditioners that are fitted through walls which can be easy access to burglars.

Ductless heating and cooling systems are highly energy-efficient, customizable and environmentally-friendly. They can cool or warm specific zones of homes to the temperature required and provide consistent comfort through the year.


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