Charlotte Home Inspection – Qualifications of a Reliable Home Inspector

Charlotte Home Inspection is a service that most prospective buyers seeking to reside in Charlotte NC area must consider an essential prerequisite to buying a home there. It is not prudent at all to overlook the value of having a home inspection. Such a step will compromise the joy of secure and worry free living in your dream home and could cost a lot of money down the road.

A trusted Charlotte Home Inspector will undertake a thorough and meticulous inspection of every home. It is also most advantageous to most real estate brokers who want to offer only the best quality homes to their prospective buyers to recommend to the sellers to have their homes inspected before putting them on the market. It is very desirable for sellers because they can be confident that their house will pass the buyer’s inspection and won’t have to reduce the price or pay for unexpected repairs at the closing.

A diligent Charlotte home inspector will apply the principle of inspecting homes as if they were choosing a home for their own family. Dependability and personal touch are hallmarks of a respected Charlotte home inspection service. Services that a Charlotte home inspector should provide include inspections on the following areas: structural integrity, roofing components, exterior integrity, plumbing system, heating system, electrical system, interior, central air conditioning, insulation, ventilation and built-in kitchen appliance.

When choosing a Charlotte home inspector, it is important to review the qualifications of the inspector. It is notable that there are numerous do-it-yourself electricians who might have re-wired or fixed the electric systems in the house. This can often pose a great consternation among the licensed home inspectors. Electrical defects can pose a major concern since they can cause serious dangers to the home residents from risk of electric shocks, short circuiting and even burning of the house. This makes the services of licensed and qualified home inspectors highly valuable to ensure safety and reliability and structural integrity of the house.

A licensed Charlotte home inspector will always follow a code of standard practices from uniformly established set of guidelines promoting quality home inspection services. One way to get the best Charlotte home inspector is through referral from a trusted person that is not a commercially motivated referral from the real estate agent. It is important to consider that sales agents are given a commission for every home sold. Some unscrupulous agents might be tempted to downplay the problems in the house they are selling or recommend their own preferred home inspectors. There is a potential conflict of interest and an educated consumer is the best guarantee against encountering unforeseen problems.

It is always wise to have a trusted Charlotte home inspector check the property you are planning to buy to ensure its safety, quality and to obtain an honest report of the condition of the property you want to own. In the current down market conditions (a buyer’s market) a pre-sale inspection from a reliable Charlotte home Inspector will go a long way in assuring the buyer and helping in the sale of the property. Furthermore, the inspection report provides an amount of protection in case any problems arise in future.

One can find many Charlotte home inspection service providers in Charlotte and in North and South Carolina that meet the highest quality standards of providing credible, reputable and reliable home inspection report. Their services benefit real estate brokers and their buyers and home owners as well.


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