Common Types of Wood Rot

Wood rots when it becomes moist and wet. Wood anywhere in your house is potentially at risk. Structural timber, door frames, skirting boards, and interior joints holding walls and mortar are all at risk.

Many people distinguish rotten wood as either dry or wet. This is misleading, as many people are under the impression that dry wood could develop rot. This is impossible. Just remember all rotten wood is wet wood, or has been wet at one time

The two most common types of rot in wood are:

1. Wet Rot

2. Dry Rot

Wet rot is caused by a fungus that spreads from the build of moisture. This type of rot grows in a similar way as rots from a plant with the main different is wet rot cannot penetrate brickwork. There many different types of fungus that causes wet rot. Conio-phora puteana also known as C. cerebelld is the most widespread form of wet rot fungus found in the UK. This cellar fungus effects wood by creating cracks along the grain of the wood. The fungus often forms narrow, dark brown strands on the surface of the wood.

Dry Rot has the ability to grow into dry areas. This is the most common fungi found in the UK. The fungus Serpula (formerly known as Merulius) lacrymans has the ability to soak up moisture from timber, drying it out and then travel through bricks and mortar by developing root like strands. The infection can spread quickly through a house and commercial property very quickly.


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