Home Inspections Prevent Roofing Surprises

An inspection of the roof is part of a whole house inspection. Sometimes home buyers will decide to not get the home inspected in an attempt to save a few dollars. When home buyers skip home inspections they are opening themselves up for surprises in regards to the condition of the roof.

The roof of a home is one of the systems that is checked during a whole house inspection. It can also be a costly system to replace. A home inspection is the home buyers opportunity to have the home looked closely at by a person that has no vested interest in if the home sells or not. The inspector gives an unbiased report on the current condition of the home.

Good home inspectors will walk on the roof when ever possible. Snow and ice of course make it not safe to walk on. Slate roofs also should not be walked upon. While inspecting the roof may concerns can be found that will save the home buyer time, money and effort. If the roof is in immediate need of repairs or replacement then home inspector will reveal this and the home buyer can use this information to renegotiate the offer. Sometimes the seller will have the roof repaired or take money off the selling price. The can be thousands of dollars that can be saved for the home buyer.

A thorough home inspection of the roof system will also includes inspection from within the attic. It is from the attic that damaged sheathing can be located, past and active leaks, as well as conducive conditions for deterioration of the wood such as poor ventilation or blocked venting or a shower or kitchen vent that fails to carry the steam all the way to the exterior of the home.

Some other discoveries that I have found while doing home inspections in Ohio includes finding multiple layers of roofing materials on the roof. Typically only two layers are allowed, I have found four layers on a roof. The issue with more than one layer is that the lifespan of the second layer is not as long as it would have been if only one layer. The reason for this is that the additional layers will absorb more heat from the sun and virtually bake the shingles aging them faster. This can also be negotiated. By hiring a home inspector to conduct a whole home inspection you are protecting yourself from expensive roof conditions that you were not aware of.


Tips on Finding a Quality Home Inspector

When buying a home, home inspection is a very important step in the home buying process. It is like the home is getting a check-up by a doctor. If anything wrong is found, you can provide the medicine in the form of repairs. If you are unable to have the repairs performed, you simply lower […]