Details You Need to Consider for a Kitchen Renovation

Are you thinking of renovating your kitchen? It can be a daunting task, but it can also be a lot of fun! There are many things to consider when planning a kitchen renovation, from the layout to the materials. And there are often things that people forget about in the process. Here are some of the details you need to think about before starting your renovation project, plus some common mistakes people make when renovating their kitchens, and tips on how to avoid them. So if you’re ready to start planning your dream kitchen, keep reading!

Around half of Americans plan to remodel some part of their home during the course of a year, and the most common renovation projects are kitchens are bathrooms. But many people who undertake a project like this are not used to project management, dealing with building materials or tradesmen. There are also a lot of details to remember in a project like this, which means that some things often get forgotten. Many people who go through a renovation project come through the other side with a list of things they wish they’d known or remembered.

So if you’re planning a kitchen renovation, here are some of the details you need to remember.

Plan Every Inch Of Space

There’s nothing worse than wasting space in a kitchen renovation. You want to make sure that every inch of space is used effectively, whether that’s for storage, appliances or simply somewhere to put your coffee mug. So before you start tearing out cabinets and knocking down walls, sit down and plan out every inch of space. Measure everything, draw it all out on paper or use an online kitchen planning tool. This will help you to avoid making any mistakes in your renovation, and will also give you a better idea of the costs involved.

Choose Your Appliances First

Another common mistake people make when renovating their kitchens is not choosing their appliances first. Many people choose their cabinets and countertops first, and then try to find appliances that fit. But this can often lead to problems, as you may end up with appliances that are too big or too small for the space you have. So it’s always best to choose your appliances first, and then work around them. Remember to include everything from a wine fridge to the range hood – and calculate the right range hood depth for your cooker too. Planning your appliances will also help you to get a better idea of the costs involved, as some of your dream appliances may cost more than you think.

Leave Enough Surface Space

It is a common issue to choose as much cabinetry and storage space as you can, because who doesn’t need plenty of storage, right? It can be easy to get carried away with a kitchen designer and choose all the funky closing larders and spacious soft closing drawers. But remember that kitchens without much workspace are a nightmare to operate in! You will constantly be moving things around, and you’ll never have enough space to prep a meal. Plus there are certain things you will probably keep on countertops too, such as a toaster and a coffee machine. So the total amount of surface space is not equal to the total amount of work space. So make sure you leave enough surface space in your design, even if it means sacrificing some storage space. You can always find other places to store things, like in a pantry or an adjacent room.

Space To Walk Around

Oversized islands or narrow walkways can make a kitchen feel cramped and difficult to move around in. If you have a small kitchen, this is even more important. So make sure you leave enough space to walk around, and that any islands or peninsula units are the right size for the space. It’s also important to think about how you will use the space, and whether you need to be able to open appliances or cabinets from both sides.

Some people dream of having an island whatever the space they have, but you may have to accept the fact it would make your space less usable overall. Think about what a compromise could be, such as installing a breakfast bar with high stalls instead.

Lighting Is Important

Many people forget about lighting when they’re planning a kitchen renovation. But it’s actually one of the most important aspects, as good lighting can make a big difference to the feel of a room. It can also be used to create different zones within a kitchen, and to highlight certain features. So think about where you need task lighting, and where you would like accent lighting. You may also want to consider under-cabinet lighting, as this can be very effective in a kitchen.

There are lots of different types of lighting available these days, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs and your budget. Just make sure you get someone qualified to install it, as it can be tricky.

These are just a few of the things you need to consider when renovating your kitchen. Of course, there are many other things to think about, but if you consider these things first, you’ll be off to a good start. Just remember that a kitchen renovation is a big investment, so take your time and make sure you get it right. Good luck!

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