Head Lice Infestations Caused by Smart Phones

Latest headlines: “Head Lice infestations are a growing problem in children who own Smart Phones.” Yes, the latest “cause” of these annoying infestations is being blamed on cell phone technology.

Children with Smart Phones are experiencing increased infestations and the news out of Great Britain is alarming. Smart Phones and head lice – what is the connection?

Sad to say that scientific and technological innovations are not always a good thing. And there are always those Chicken Little types on the bandwagon of dread as improvements are made. But blaming parasitic infestations on ownership of Smart Phones? Really?

There is, without a doubt, an increase in infestations of these wretched blood suckers. Every year the numbers increase. Estimates range from 3 million to 11 million school aged children in the United States are treated each year. These are just the numbers that are reported and many people treat themselves. Or sadly, do not treat at all. Just ten years ago, the numbers were much lower.

If it isn’t being caused by Smart Phones, why are the numbers of infestations increasing?

Because of another scientific breakthrough – synthetic, chemical pesticides.


Yes, the pesticides that were invented to control head lice are the very reason that they are so prevalent today. That is because these pesticides have created Super Head Lice that laugh at these silly chemicals. They have become immune…

It doesn’t matter how much pesticide you dump on a child’s head. Change brands all you want but the results are the same. The nits will still hatch, the horrible itching will continue and the entire household will be held hostage. All because of Pesticide Resistance.

Pesticide resistance is a funny law of Nature. Right up there with the Law of Gravity. An indisputable fact or phenomena that will always happen. Pesticide resistance proves that pests will always, eventually become immune to synthetic chemicals.

And the more variety of synthetic chemicals used against them, the stronger the pests become. Resistance grows to heavier, more lethal doses. And that is where we are.

Last year the headlines discussed the emergence of Super Head Lice that were difficult to treat. This year, they are actually blaming Smart Phones.

Really? Why not say children who wear underwear are victims of rising head lice infestations?

The “cause” of increasing infestations are the synthetic pesticides used to treat them. And there is nothing else to blame.


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