Plumbing Problems That Demand You Call In The Professionals

When you have plumbing issues, the first thing you will want to do is to try and fix the problem yourself. The truth is that there are a number of minor plumbing issues that you can easily handle by yourself with very little knowledge. However, in some situations, trying to fix the problem only makes it worse and it would be best to call in a professional plumber to handle the issue at hand and offer you the best solution. Sometimes it is better to seek the assistance of a plumber before turning a situation into a disaster.

1. Persistent toilet overflows

Whereas it is common for toilets to overflow, especially in households with children who easily clog them up, you may have a deeper issue if the problem seems to be persistent. It is an issue that can be fixed by flapper replacement or professional unclogging if it is in the drain pipe itself. Homes with septic tanks can also experience this kind of problem when the tanks are full and a plumber can help in cleaning it out without creating too much of a mess. Do not ignore regular toilet overflows as they can lead to extensive damages to your piping system.

2. Complete absence of water

If you have no water yet all your neighbors don’t seem to have a similar problem, then something major may have happened to your system. Water lose can be as a result of major leaks, water main issues, frozen pipes and backups and they are all situations that will need a plumber to resolve. Considering that leaks can cause huge structural damages, it is only wise that you call in the professionals to save the situation and at the same time save you from high water bills.

3. Drippy faucets that won’t stop

Sometimes a little tightening is all you need to stop a drippy faucet and at other times you may need to place a new bracket to save the situation. But a steady drip that you just can’t fix could be an indication of other issues such as pressure build-up and pipe cracks. You may not know what the real problem is or how to solve it, but your plumber will get to the root of your drippy faucets with a few inspections.

4. Sweaty water heater

A sweaty water heater usually indicates a slow, steady leak. Small leaks from casing or piping eventually cause bigger problems and it is therefore best that you have the problem resolved as soon as you notice. Other signs that should compel you to get a plumber include rusty spots in water heart or surrounding piping and corrosion on it. You may also have an issue if you find a large water pool in drip pan or near the water heater.

5. Sewage smelling home

A home that smells of sewage can be unbearable and it could be an indication of a major issue with your plumbing. Poor ventilation with drainpipes and backups from storms are the major culprits. Let a professional plumber come to your rescue to make your home habitable again.


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