4 Ways to Improve the Dining Room in a Home Remodel

A dining room is one area that not everyone uses. For homes that have an eat-in kitchen, the dining room is typically cast aside for special events and Sunday dinners with company. On one hand, homeowners might feel as if the space could be better used for other things. Alternatively, changing the layout and features of the dining room could make it a welcoming space for a growing family or everyday meals when the kitchen space is revamped.

Updating Space

Whether the space is to be used as a casual or formal space, there are several ways to update the space. Rooms with dark walls and flooring can be remodeled using light and bright colors from floor to ceiling. Choose an accent wall for a focal point. Cornice work and crown molding can be repainted or refinished to stand out for a touch of elegance or for a more traditional look. Where space is a concern, use window seating beside the table to provide ample space for multiple family members, especially children. Maximize bay windows with built-in benches or cabinetry.


Lighting plays a significant role in transforming space. A chandelier with a dimmer switch can offer versatility for everyday use, a festive atmosphere for dinner parties and romantic lighting for intimate gatherings. Choose accent lighting over the buffet or to highlight the fine china cabinet.


One of the most important changes to a dining room is the flooring. Old and tired carpeting should be replaced with flooring that suits the new climate of the dining room. Hardwood floors are a versatile choice that can be refinished or installed new. Area rugs can protect the floor from heavy traffic and the occasional spill from the table. Casual dining spaces are also a good place for laminate flooring. Oak and hickory laminate flooring are popular choices that marry well with nearly any type of decor. If the room’s place is still for more formal gatherings, an elegant floor in slate or marble will help to create a more sophisticated atmosphere.

Kitchen Remodeling

Countertop space and ample storage are often the prime goals when doing a kitchen remodel. Adding an island or additional appliances can fill up the kitchen quickly. Replacing or reducing the eat-in or breakfast area means more meals in the dining room. A casual mood can make it a more comfortable and welcoming space. Opening up the walls or removing doors to the dining room creates a simple and accessible doorway without taking out important support walls is another option.


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