How to Update the Look of Your Beach Home

Living near the beach is something that everyone dreams about. The sound of the waves, the smell of the ocean, and the relaxed environment makes the perfect setting for a perfect home, but does your beach home need a new look? Are you tired of the overused cliché themes that we all see on beach houses? Well, there are various ways you can update your home without spending so much money and time, and it can be a really fun project for you to do as well.

Choose your starting point

You might want a calmer and quieter look or maybe a bright and bolder look, but that’s what you want to think about first and foremost. You need to decide and have a clear expectation as to what you want from your home. Although transforming an older and historical house can be quite challenging, you can always call on other people’s help to get it done. Get an idea of what you want so you can set your goals.

Add a bit of color to your seating

You can start getting a new look but using pillows and cushions made from outdoor fabric to freshen up the living space. You don’t have to use traditional styles. You can also mix different themes together to get a bolder and brighter look such as polka dots, stripes, geometric, and botanical prints. Nautical theme also has a timeless look and this is something you can use as well.

Change your draperies.

Having closed draperies can provide privacy and offer respite from the sun. Meanwhile, open draperies will frame the living space and soften the look of the scene. You should hang brightly patterned draperies instead of natural fabrics since they are more prone to fading and mildew. Synthetic blends will weather the elements of the nature. You can also match the pattern of your draperies with the ongoing theme you have chosen. You can make your own draperies if you know how to sew or even wanting to learn how to sew. There are patterns and do-it-yourself tutorials online that you can use.

Rearrange you furniture

Moving the chairs and tables around your house can definitely provide a huge and free change along with a huge payoff. According to Feng Shui experts, it is recommended to move 27 objects around your house to give your room good luck. Look around you. Maybe that painting needs a new spot, or perhaps the settee or the vase. Moving the pieces around will also give each piece a new light that can be refreshing.

Paint with new colors

Paint your porch, deck, and railings a new color. You can choose colors to complement your garden or even the ocean. Brighten up with yellow, or mellow down with blue grey. Small projects such as railings can be done by yourself, but bigger ones like exterior or interior might need some professional help if you are an inexperienced painter.

Decorate with new decors

You want to decorate with pieces that are made with weather-resistant materials due to the environment they will be in. Look for stone, glass, or galvanized metals. Oil paintings also do very well but you want to avoid direct sunlight for these items. Another way of decorating with new decors is by giving your old furniture a new look and a new life. You can update a table’s look by re-painting it. You can also make new items out of old items that can serve as creative and functional pieces for your space.

With these strategies, you can pull together your home with a timeless appeal. By choosing the right colors and furniture, your home can have a new look. You can recreate the laid back charm that your house used to have. You can also upgrade the old look with a much modern feel.


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