Steps to a Successful Renovation

Large or small, a successful renovation takes careful planning to ensure everything runs smoothly. In fact, without careful planning, renovations often run the risk of going over budget and not finishing in a timely manner. The following steps will help you achieve your renovation dreams without living a nightmare.


When it comes to planning your renovation, one of the most exciting steps is researching design magazines, books and websites to get an idea of what you want from your renovation. You can speak to friends, family members, and even colleagues about their renovation experiences to help you plan a renovation that meets the needs and lifestyle of you and your family.


You want to determine your renovation budget well in advance, especially if you are considering borrowing or seeking other outside funds to finance the project. Setting a firm budget that includes all the material, labour, and design elements of your renovation will help keep you on track.

Professional Help

Unless you are making minor renovations such as a quick paint job, you probably want to work with a professional contractor for your renovation. Take some time to speak to friends and family for recommendations, but also make sure to meet with potential contractors to get a sense of the work they do. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and pictures of previous jobs. Interview several contractors and make sure to make a list of qualities that are important to you. Eventually, you can select a contractor with whom you feel comfortable working. Always provide contractors with an outline of your renovation plan and ask for proposals.

Sign a Contract

One of the worst ways to choose your contractor is based purely on their proposal. The cheapest contractor may turn out to be the best, but the price of services is not the only consideration you should make. Indeed, once you’ve found a contractor that suits your needs, you should work out a contract that outlines your expectations exactly. Also ensure that your contractor seeks proper approval and permitting before undergoing any work on your home.

Living Arrangements

If you are conducting major renovations, you need to plan how you’re going to live through them. Do you want to stay in your home? Are you going to stay with a friend or in a hotel? Are added living costs factored into your budget?

Living at home during a renovation can be a very trying experience, so you want to take special precautions to minimize the inconvenience the renovation will make on your life. You may need to ensure that common areas are properly cleaned at the end of the work day, or define which aspects of your home are off-limits to renovation staff.

Avoid Last Minute Changes

Last minute adjustments or changes to your renovation plan can be very costly and even time consuming. Try to stick with your initial choices especially if timelines or budgets are important to you.


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