A Weighty Issue – The Problems With Tiled Roofs on Conservatories

A well-constructed conservatory can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home both through extra floor space and improving the aesthetic appeal of the structure. If it is carefully tailored to fit in with the period detail of the original construction, your conservatory will not only form a sound financial investment, but will almost certainly become one of the most-used family areas in your home – the glass construction makes the most of natural light, and properly-insulated, can be as appealing and usable in winter months as in the summer.

Having said that, a standard polycarbonate roof on a conservatory can present all kinds of problems of its own; too hot in summer and too cold in winter, not to mention utterly deafening during heavy rain, so it’s tempting to look into other roofing materials. For most homes, tiles are the obvious choice, especially as these would further pull together the look of the structure in keeping with the main house. However, not only are tiles problematic in terms of putting too much additional weight on a structure not designed for a heavy roof, you may fall foul of building regulations. Make sure you’re working with a reputable company who can ensure that whatever you’re replacing your polycarbonate roof with isn’t too heavy for the structure, as you could cause considerable damage to your house, never mind your conservatory. It is essential to work with a surveyor for peace of mind, especially if you’re planning to sell your home further down the line.

Although plastic tiles can look cheap and unappealing, there are a number of reputable conservatory supply and build companies who are working to produce materials that are not only light enough to be perfectly safe for use on a glazed structure with limited scope for taking extra weight, but that are good looking enough not to be aesthetically off-putting.

Lightweight tile products with natural looking finishes provide both superior insulation and the desired tiled look without compromising structural safety. Shopping around for a supplier will present a variety of options, including manufacturers who appeal to the eco-friendly market with lightweight tiles made from recycled materials. As with anything that might affect the structural safety of your home, working with approved fitters is essential; don’t be afraid to ask for testimonials, and try to arrange visits to look at the quality of their work and talk to previous customers.


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