Keep Your Car Safe At A Storage Unit

Are you planning for a long term vacation or an overseas job? And worried about your car? No more worries. Self storage industry is rapidly growing to solve any of the storage issues. Before you store your car into vehicle storage some preparation is necessary. Here is the guide to help you.

1. Choose the best location – First thing you need to concentrate before you store your vehicle is the location. You should prefer a facility, which is clean, secure and dry to protect your car from dust, sun, rust, corrosion etc. You should take proper care to prevent rodents, bugs from spreading over the engine and other interior parts and damaging your car. Also, make sure the unit offers a proper security.

2. Clean your Car properly – Before you move your car make sure that your car is clean. Clean both the interior and exterior parts of your car.

Cleaning Interiors –

Use special tools like crevices to vacuum and sweep the heavy debris. Remove the car mats before you clean. Use microfiber clothing to clean the glasses, seats and windows. These cloths have a good power of absorbing the dust.

Cleaning Exteriors –

Place micro fiber clothing beneath the wheels. Use degrease for cleaning the tyre. Wash the car using water or waterless car washing products and then spray wax. Polish the chrome surface to preserve the luster.

3. Check the Hardware – You must remember that once you come back from your trip, you will need to start it without any trouble. So you need to take care of some things before you keep your car in the unit.

. Storage units will not allow a Fuel filled car tank for security reasons. Check with the management and empty the tank. Make sure to bring the fuel when you come back.

. To save your battery from corrosion, remove the battery or connect it to a battery maintainer.

. Use plastic sheets to get rid of moisture and place your car on blocks.

. Remove the parking break before you store. Leave the gear in neutral

4. Insurance and Registration – Make sure you have the registration details of your car and your car is properly insured. According to state laws, you might need to file an affidavit of non-use of the vehicle depending on the period you are not going to use it. This varies from state to state.

5. Use a Car Cover – Finally cover your car with a waterproof car cover to keep it safe from weather and dust. This also helps to maintain the paint. Make sure you select a proper cover which will not leave moisture and harm the paint. Finally deflate the car tires as specified by the manufacturer.

Now your car is ready to store. Never use bricks to raise the car off the ground as they may crumble and break, which can damage your vehicle. Use jack stands instead.


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