Self Storage Provides The Best Option To Store Your Boat

Are you planning to buy a boat or RV? Finding a right boat to buy is one exercise and finding a place to store it is another big and important exercise. Storing it at your home is an option that costs nothing. But this option may not be available for all. Firstly, it occupies so much space in your backyard or garage. Not only that it may get damaged due to exposure to elements. You will end up paying so much for repairs. Also, laws at some cities do not allow you to store you boat at residential driveways.

Another option you have is to store your boat at your local marina during the winter season. But here also the boat is exposed continuously to the elements and boat may get damaged. The boat is literally at the mercy of the weather. Sudden storms may damage your boat.

Boat getting damaged is the common problem in both the above methods. You need to find another option to store your boat that causes no damage to it. The option is to consider self storage which is available these days at many places. It solves your storage problems and offer you a safe and secure storage for your boat. There are some storage facilities that offer exclusive storage facility to boats and RVs. You have to take a storage unit on rent. You need to choose size of the unit according to the size of your boat. A 10 by 20 storage unit would be enough to store a small boat. The staff at the self storage would be able to guide you in choosing the right storage unit size.

Self storage facilities are equipped with CC cameras, security guards, smart gates and fences, smart card access etc. You do not need to hire the space for the entire year. You can choose to hire it for a couple of months also. If you rent a storage space close to your favorite waterway, you can easily and quickly take it out and get into the action. Depending on the size fo the unit you may even store your boat equipment and supplies also in it.

As the boats are very expensive, it is better to store your boat in a climate controlled storage facility. Humidity and heat are controlled and maintained at constant levels in climate controlled self storage facilities. So your boat will be safe from the elements irrespective of the outside weather conditions.

Though you pay rent to store your boat in a storage unit, you will save on your insurance. You will pay lesser premium when you store your boat in the self storage.

You need do a few things before storing your boat in a storage unit. To prevent damage, it is better to lay cardboard on the floor of the unit. Also place a plastic sheet under the fuel tank. You may be asked to produce active insurance and registration of your boat or vehicle. You need to empty gasoline from your boat as storage facilities do not allow combustible and hazardous materials inside the storage units. Some facilities may ask you to have tires on the vehicles properly inflated.

Some facilities offer transport facilities as well. You may consider these facilities even if they are not nearby water. Some facilities provide mechanics also at the storage facility. You may get your boat or vehicle checked and can get the problems fixed if any.


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