Shed Building – Factors To Note When Constructing

To build an outbuilding in your area, you might need to submit the blueprints for the shed to the building department for approval before you can start building the shed. A storage shed will prove to be a boon for you if what you have is an over-cluttered garage full of gardening and yard tools. Besides, gardening tools placed nearest to where they are most likely to be used will multiply the interest of gardening. In this article, we will detail the most fundamental part of a shed, the foundation, and brief all the other steps involved in building a shed.

A strong and durable foundation will ensure a long life for the storage shed. The foundation should be placed on a level surface, which should be in proximity to your lawn or garden for convenience. There are a number of different options available for making the foundation like a concrete foundation and a wood post foundation. Another option is the use of cinderblocks.

A longer life will be facilitated by a strong concrete foundation. If you are living in a cold climate, the construction would have to be protected from frost waves. Frost can cause huge shifts in the frozen soil. Wood posts can also be used to prevent this, with a concrete padding around the wood posts.

Another option for the foundation of the construction is the use of cinderblocks. These concrete masonry units (CMU’s) present many advantages. Besides being quick to set, they eliminate the problem of using any more concrete. So you do not have to delay your project waiting for concrete deliveries. The cinderblocks also provide great stability to your building and increase its lifetime.

Move ahead with the construction of your shed according to the blueprints for a shed once the foundation is complete. Starting from the floor, work your way upward building walls and the roof in order. The floor frame is supported on the joists that are placed on two long pieces of lumber called skids. The joists are nailed to skids you just placed, and the plywood is then nailed to the joists to form the floor.

The wall frames can be made right on the floor of the shed just made by you. Wall frames are formed by nailing the wall studs between the top and bottom plates. The studs are placed 16 inches apart. Lift the wall frames and nail them with the floor as well as to the frame just adjacent to the one you are fixing.

The roof is then formed by using two roof rafters, which slope down towards the end. Strips are nailed to roof rafters to support the roof sheets. The wood strips tie together the roof rafters and also provide support to roof sheets. Nail the roof sheets to roof rafters using self-sealing nails.

After the top is complete, attach the wall siding with the wall frames using nails, leaving the space for the windows. The last step to complete the construction is attaching the doors and windows with the frame. Make a ramp towards the entrance for ease.


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