Use Custom Closets to Cancel Clutter

Finding that one particular item you need to complement your outfit can be a daunting task if your clothes are in a constant state of disarray. With custom closets designed to keep your clothing, shoes, and accessories in order, you can easily make such wardrobe challenges a thing of the past. With custom closets, the physical space is designed to meet the user’s particular needs for space, variety, accessibility, and storage. Not only does this mean that everything is where you need it, but also that keeping a wardrobe organized is easy!

Organize Clothes by Type, Use, and More

Suppose you have suits for the office, for a dinner out, or for your Sunday best. Then maybe you have your warm weather suits and your cold weather suits and coats. Finally-and most importantly-you have the suits you wear often and the ones that rarely see the light of day.

With a custom closet, you can organize your clothes into different sections, and then further organize them within each section. It’s a cinch to keep related items together but still organized. You can also request an installation that puts the most used items prominently in front, making it quick and easy to grab what you need.

Drawers in a Closet? Can Do!

Let’s say you need to sort and store a variety of shoes. Custom closets can incorporate stacks that are built to accommodate them by size and shape, color, season, use, or any other consideration. For example, you may own several styles of sneakers: a pair for tennis, aerobics, and just for walking.

Normally, these would be a pain to store, but with a designed unit, you can utilize long, short shelves, or vertical open shelving to make the most of your space. Additional features like slanting shelves make matching and grabbing shoes convenient.

Keep It Clean and Organized

Walk-in closets are a wonderful way to store your apparel but, without care and cleaning, they often turn into nothing more than a heavily cluttered changing room. Custom closets are especially suited to those who have the luxury of a walk-in, as there is much more room in which to make the necessary modifications to maximize the space you have.

When it comes to more shallow spaces, the same maximization can be achieved, and in a way that items hung even in the highest sections can be reached with a custom, telescoping retrieving rod, complete with a hook that swivels and locks into place.

Remove the frustrations of tripping over belts, missing that one blue sock, not finding the scarf that goes with your yellow dress, and every other thing you can imagine a poorly organized closet has to offer, and get custom closets built in every room of your home. Your wardrobe will surely thank you.


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